What is Co-Living? A new style of housing.


Co-living is a recognition that more people, both young and old, live alone.  The cost of larger apartments in expensive cities, like NY and Boston, represent a disproportionate amount of people’s income.  Co-Living recognizes that many people choose to live in smaller spaces with great comfort knowing that they are not consuming more space than is necessary to have a good life.  It’s fun, it’s hip, it is responsible — co-living.   Perhaps coming soon to Boston ?!



South End Historic Home with Modern Addition

Exterior photoInterior LR

LaCasse Law was proud to represent the homeowner in this exciting South End residential project. A historic restoration of the existing home coupled with an exciting new architecturally bold modern addition. The unique nature of the land and structure required a change to the zoning map; an amendment to the South End Urban Renewal plan; Historic Commission review and zoning approval of a groundwater recharge system. The end result is a superb home of distinction that is garnering rave reviews.

With Olympic bid dead, city ponders Widett Circle’s future

“Development lawyer Marc LaCasse predicted that Walsh’s effort to rely on community input for Widett will pay off. LaCasse pointed to a similar process that took place on the other side of the expressway, for the Harrison Avenue corridor in the South End. That initiative took more than two years to complete but led to a rezoning that allowed taller buildings, a change that was widely accepted by nearby residents.”  Click here for the full story behind the planning efforts for Widett Circle in South Boston.




New 91 unit Building Proposed for South Boston

Much of the activity has been oriented around the neighborhood’s T stations; planning officials are encouraging the construction of large residential projects along the Red Line to meet ambitious housing goals set by Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

“For a long time, this whole stretch was just scruffy, one-story buildings with tin roofs,” said Marc LaCasse, a real estate attorney who is advising Edwards on the project.

“Now, all this development is radiating out from the Broadway hub, and it’s becoming a more residential area with restaurants, stores, public transit — all the amenities that make a place attractive.”  Click here to read more.

270 Dot

Time for Doggy Day Care for the yappy pup?

Does your neighbor’s dog bark all day long while his owner is away?  Do you work at home and have to listen to the lonely pooch bark all day?  You may want to suggest to your neighbor that maybe it’s time for the dog to go to day care.  Read more about barking dogs, home offices and apartments with no heat in today’s NY Times.



In the Shadows of Rising Towers

Having to live in someone else’s shadow is one of the risks of being a New Yorker. Yet for untold thousands, this vexing state of affairs is literally true. In a city forever sprouting new buildings, the quest to reach higher often comes at the cost of stealing somebody else’s light.  Read more about light and air in today’s New York Times story.

Ink Block Condo Building Approved by BRA


On December 5, 2013, the Board of Directors of the Boston Redevelopment Authority approved a Notice of Project Change for Ink Block which provides for converting building no. 4 from rental to condominium.  The new condo building, known as “Sepia”, will contain 83 units and be located at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Traveler Street in the South End.  LaCasse Law, LCC is proud to serve as legal counsel to the developer for the permitting and zoning on this project.  Read more about Sepia in this Boston.com story.

Massive new Hotel: South Boston Seaport


A massive new 1500 room hotel has received early approvals to be built along D Street adjacent to the Boston Convention Center.  The new hotel will increase the capacity of the convention center and enhance the Center’s ability to attract much larger groups to Boston.  The new hotel will create jobs, generate tax revenue and continue to completely transform the Seaport and West Side of South Boston into a vibrant new mixed-use neighborhood that used to be vacant and underutilized industrial waste land.  The new Southie continues to blossom in leaps and bounds says the related Herald story. 

Is Everett the next hottest area? Everett?


Is Everett the next Las Vegas?  If it becomes the site of the casino for the Boston area, the changes will be dramatic.  Already, real estate prices are reflecting the frenzied speculation, according to the story in today’s Boston Globe.

And if Everett becomes the new Las Vegas, will Revere become the Boston Riviera?

In Competitive Real Estate Market Cash is King

HOUSING-1-articleLargeForget about including a contingency for the sale of your prior home.  Forget about lengthy mortgage financing contingency periods.  In today’s competitive seller’s real estate market, all cash offers with no contingencies frequently carry the day.  With inventory at an all time low and the pent up demand created by almost 5 years of very little new building, today’s home sale market is downright treacherous for buyers.  Read more about the nationwide phenomenon here.